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We've build a totally new, super mobile friendly website for you

With a free online wedding budget calculator & quotation request

choice of venues, and so much more.

In our new wedding arrangements you don't pay any fixed wedding planner fee!

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Each wedding planner is allowed to establish his or her own cost and prices, and the differences can be huge !


According to the various international wedding planner associations, the wedding planner should make an estimate of the number of hours he's likely to spend planning your wedding, and quote accordingly.


As a result, their time is limited, and at some point they will stop working for you, or charge for the extra hours.

The fee also depends on the experience of the wedding planner, but are you ok with entrusting the most important day of your life to a novice planner with little or no experience ?


So why is Costa Blanca Events, with certified and experienced wedding planners so much cheaper then the market average, and the amount recommended by most of the wedding planner associations ?


Well, the answer is a combination of reasons ;

Please consult the various type of contracts, and their fee on Costa Blanca Events cost of a wedding planner  

At Costa Blanca Events, we've been able to combine all three, but the most important reason why our wedding planner fee is up to 65 % lower the the market average are our proprietary online systems ; Yoep-P & Yoep-A.



We work from our home office, only work with selected independant partners and our websites rank on page 1 of most major search engines, so our overhead cost of office, employees, advertising is extremely low, since one way or another - cost must be paid by wedding couples.



Whatever costs remain is shared between all couples who contract the wedding planner.

So, if a wedding planner is able to plan more weddings, he can reduce his fee substantially.

Each year, approximately 40 couples entrust their wedding planning to Costa Blanca Events



But there are only 2 ways to planning lots of weddings ;

Either offer packages which require little planning, but leave little room for a personal wedding.

or optimise planning and communication in such a way that a lot of time is saved.

Yoep-P ; Your Online Event Planner - Planning system


Yoep-P is the system that contains all aspects of your planning ; services, dates and times, prices, conditions, guest list, etc. You have full access 24/7 to your plan, where you can add or delete services, make choices, ask us a question or request a skype call.


You can also view the accommodations with whom we've negotiated great deals, their info, photos, roomtypes and prices, and select the ones you wish to make available for your guests.


Your guests can login to Yoep-P to plan their attendance to your wedding, book accommodations, airport transfer, hairdresser, etc.


Your venue and vendors also have online access, so they know what you want.


And because everybody is on the same system, it saves a lot of time for everyone, especially for us as your wedding planners, which is why our fees are so low !


More info on the Yoep-P page on this website

What is the cost of a wedding planner ?