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A wedding is a very personal event, and perhaps you, members of your family or friends want to provide some decorations or favours.

Or you have a friend who wants to do your wedding photography, sing or play music on your wedding.


Another option is that you want to contract your own photographer, singer, musician of preference.


Of course that's possible, but it's extremely important to coördinate everything with your wedding planner.


Can I contract suppliers such as photographers, videographers, singers, musicians, etc ?


Yes, that's possible, but ...


In Spain over the last years, like in most other countries, the authorities have intensified their battle against social fraud, an they even have created a special unit called "BBC" ; "Bodas, Bautizos y Communiones" ( = weddings, christianings and communions ).


This unit does unannounced inspections durings these types of events, and require everyone providing a service or  assisting during the wedding ; wedding planners, photographers, singers, oficiant, caterers, drivers, etc to present proof of compliance with the social regulations.


This is valid for all services and for all persons, even family, regardless if the person is doing it for free or getting paid !


Persons that cannot proof that they are ;

  • either in posession of a valid contract of employment, duly registered with the social services,

  • or can present a contract of their services as an independent contractor in in accordance to Spanish legislation, will be taken for questionning, and the event will be interupted.


The fines for social fraud are very high.


As professional wedding planners, and in the interest of you, and all our other wedding couples, we can't take any risk of social fraud, because it would not only ruin your wedding, but also place a focus on our organisation during the weddings to come.


Only family to the first degree is allowed to perform services without complying to the social regulations.


Therefore, all persons delivery any kind of service on your wedding are required to submit the social security compliance form via the following link ;


https://costablancaevents.knack.com/extranet#social-security-compliance-form/ ;


And to bring a copy of the confirmation e-mail and the submitted documents to the event.


Persons not in possession of the documents will not be allowed to provide any services during the event.


Can I bring my own decorations ?


Yes, but here again, there are some things to consider ;

  • Not all decorations are allowed due to safety, available space, etc

  • Sometimes also the venue has it's restrictions

  • There can be practical requirements for the decorations, such as table placeholders.

  • There has to be sufficient staff available to place, and later remove the decorations.


Obviously, it's unthinkable that bride and groom on their wedding day will assist with the decorations, because usually these decorations cannot be placed until shortly before or during the ceremony, a time at which the wedding couple has other matters to attend to.


And after the wedding the venue requires that everything is restored in to the original state, which is why most venues do not allow for wedding couples or their guests to do any decorations.


Most venues therefore only allow that the team of Costa Blanca Events does the decorations, and removes them after the wedding.


Hence, we need to know what exactly will be brought so that we can plan the required persons for decorations and removal.


Please have it all done no later then one month prior to the wedding, so we can make the necessary arrangements, cost of which will be added to your wedding script.


Table decorations and placeholders.


Some decorations also have a practical purpose, such as the placeholders.

They also serve as an indicator for the waiters, so they know which persons are vegetarians, etc


Delivery of your decorations.


If you have ordered your own decorations online, then they need to be delivered to Costa Blanca Events no later then 10 days before the wedding, or delivered in person no later then 1 day before the wedding.

Can I bring decorations, contract suppliers, or have family or friends participate ?