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Continue to dream destination weddings in Spain

We've build a totally new, super mobile friendly website for you

With a free online wedding budget calculator & quotation request

choice of venues, and so much more.

In our new wedding arrangements you don't pay any fixed wedding planner fee!

click here or on the button below to go to the new website www.costablancaevents.org

Planning a destination wedding requires a lot of preparation, not only for the wedding couple, but also for their guests, and so it's normal that they will have a lot of questions, like ;

  • Which airport do I fly to ?

  • Where do I stay, do you have any recomendations ?

  • Where do you stay ?

  • How do I get from the airport to the accommodation ?

  • Can I rent a car ?

  • What are the sights to see in the area ?

  • Can I book a hairdresser for the wedding day ?

  • I have a specific diet, will I be able to participate in the wedding dinner ?

  • Where is the wedding ?

  • How do I go to the wedding ?


And lot's more...


Obviously you want to make it as easy as possible for your guests to attend to your wedding, but you don't want them all to call you every day with their questions, right ?

My personal wedding website

We build the website for you, and when delivered, it already contains lots of information and answers, but it lacks your personal information and personal touch.


Personalizing the website is very simple, and requires no knowledge of html, or other internet stuff.

If you can work with a computer, then you can personalize the wedding website we've build for you.


You can add text, photo's, video, contact forms, and much more !


The website comes with your own domain name, which you can choose, with any of the following extensions ;

  • .com

  • .net

  • .org

  • .info

  • .co.uk

  • .org.uk

So for example you could do www.weddingofpeterandalice.info


The website also comes with e-mail forwarding, so we can create your own e-mail address,

like [email protected] and forward all the e-mails to your current e-mail.


Have a look a our demo wedding website


A personal wedding website is the best way to answer all the questions of your guests.