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In our new wedding arrangements you don't pay any fixed wedding planner fee!

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Many wedding planner organisations, wedding venues, and suppliers require for you to pay a substantial deposit when booking their services


At Costa Blanca Events, we prefer to limit the deposits to the absolute minimum, because we know that our wedding couples prefer so too.


Especially about this subject, we think it's very important to communicate very openly, while still offering the required guarantees to both parties.


Our work starts when you have submitted the wedding planner agreement.

Then we require for you do the initial payment depending on the the of agreement chosen.

More info on our "what is the cost of Costa Blanca Events" page


From then on, our payment policy remains very open too, and can be summarised in one sentence ;


                 As long as the supplier does not request a payment, you don't have to pay !


But what does that mean ?


Due to our close relationship and trust we have build over the years with most of our venues, accommodations and suppliers, they usually do not request our clients to pay a deposit.


If a venue or accommodation is rented exclusively, so they have to block their entire operation on the wedding day, then a deposit is often due as a guarantee. Wedding car rental companies, often also require a deposit.


When a supplier requests a deposit, we will notify you so you can arrange for payment.

As soon as we receive the payment, we transfer the money to the supplier, who then confirms the service and payment. The payment and confirmation are updated in your wedding plan.


In general there are no further payments required.


Approximately one month before the wedding, we always plan a (skype) call.

During the call we review your plan together, and ask you to decide on any unconfirmed services.

We also review any last options, preferences, etc.


Then we start the final phase of your wedding planning, which includes ;


1 ) Finalising your wedding plan. Even though you'll still be able to view your wedding plan, from now on, you can't modify it anymore. Should you want any last modifications, then you need to contact us.


2 ) We request for you to pay the balance.


3 ) When we receive the balance, we reconfirm all services in your wedding plan to the venues, accommodations, and suppliers, and we start paying them


If during this last month, anything changes, any last minute guests or cancellations, then we proces these changes in your wedding plan, and notify the venues and accommodations accordingly.


Two weeks before the wedding, we re-confirm everything once again with the venue and vendors.


If there are any changes thereafter, then it's up to the vendor to decide if there are any costs to the modification.


On your wedding day, everything is perfectly planned and organised, so no worries there.


How can I pay, and is it safe ?


Again here, we think it's important to offer a safe options for payment.

We offer secure payments through an independant secure payment gateway.

Bank charges are at your expense, which is one of the main reasons why we work with Mollie, which for most payment methods has low payment fees.


If for whatever reason, you're not able to pay via Mollie, we can provide you with other payment options such as bank transfer, credit card and even paypal, but additional bank charges of 3.5 % apply.


Which guarantees do I have ?


The most important guarantee is that you only need to do a small initial payment, until shortly before the wedding. During the weeks and months of planning and organising, you've gotten to know your wedding planners and have build a relationship of trust with them.


Costa Blanca Events is a solid and bonafide company, that complies to all the applicable laws, and is in full compliance with accountancy standards.


But your biggest guarantee are the evaluations of wedding couples that have proceeded you.

And if you prefer to be 100 % sure, then you could consider a wedding insurance.


Is it possible to pay after the wedding ?


Wedding venues and suppliers require for all payments to be effected before the wedding day, because they must order their supplies, staff, etc, and because a lot of the suppliers only accept one wedding per day.

If you order some extra's, prolongue the free bar, etc, then these options can be paid on the wedding day.


Is it possible to contract a wedding insurance ?


Yes, wedding insurances exist, they cover sickness, of bride or groom and of the wedding party, bankrupcy of a supplier, airline strike, and some even cover weather conditions so you get a partial refund of the wedding cost if the sun isn't shing on your wedding day. The cost of a wedding insurance is very acceptable.

In order to avoid a conflict of interest, we don't offer wedding insurances, but we do recommend you to contract one


Can I get an invoice from Costa Blanca Events ?


Yes, of course. The invoice is available once the event has taken place, and all event services are delivered.

Safe payment via Mollie,

one of the leading international online payment systems

When do I have to pay my wedding in Spain, and what are my guarantees ?