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Spanish privacy laws are very strict, and impose severe restrictions on companies that store personal information of  individuals.


Regardless of the legal restrictions, we at Costa Blanca Events, feel that it's of vital importance to protect the personal information of our clients, wedding couples and their guests, especially since occasionally, we also have clients or guests of national or international interest to the press.

If you entrust the planning of your wedding to Costa Blanca Events, you don't have to worry about privacy.

Please refer to our privacy policy for more details


If we publish photo's on our photo gallery webiste, then either the faces have been blurred, or if not, we have authorisation to publish the images.




Because of our privacy policy we will never divulge the names of our wedding couples, their guests or our references.


If our clients or their guests post personal information or photo's on their websites, blog, or social media sites, then Costa Blanca Events cannot be held responsable for that, but even then, this information shall not be used or linked to by Costa Blanca Events.


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We publish the evalutation forms of our wedding couples and their guests, without censuring.

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For privacy reasons, the names and e-mail addresses on these forms are partially blanked


So, how do I know that Costa Blanca Events is reliable ?


What others say and write about us is of course important, but there is nothing like seeing it with your own eyes.


That's why we recommend our wedding couples to - if possible - visit the Costa Blanca.

We get to personally meet you, and we take you on a tour of our venues and accommodations.


During the visit we often create the wedding plan, and go into more details about your wishes and preferences.

Wedding couples that are not able to travel to the Costa Blanca, in general find the openness and information on our websites, and our beneficial conditions and guarantees, sufficient to entrust the planning of their wedding to us.


And there are 10 more reasons why Costa Blanca Events is your professional wedding planner of choice


And guests that have attended a Costa Blanca Events wedding in the past, don't need convincing at all !

We respect your privacy, and operate in full compliance to Spanish / European privacy laws

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