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During the reception or dinner it is very common for some of the guests to do a speech.


We're often asked if it's possible to rent a television, beamer and projection screen, so that photo's, slides or video can be shown during the speech.


Obviously, that makes the speech a lot more interactive !

Before planning anything, contact the wedding planners !


Bride and groom have entrusted the planning of their wedding to Costa Blanca Events, and during the weeks and months prior to the wedding, the wedding planners have translated the dreams and preferences of the wedding couple into a detailed wedding plan, covering the whole day and evening.


As a guest, you obviously want to add to their wedding experience, but most, if not all guests are not aware of all the details of the wedding plan.


That's why it's so important that you contact us before planning anything, so we know if you will need some special arrangements, and when would be the best time to plan your activity. Speeches, acts or videos are only possible during the reception or dinner, not during the party!


Some original ideas are ;

Surprise the wedding couple with an interactive speech,

a slideshow or video, a wish balloon, etc

How do you organise an interactive speech. 

  • Prepare your interactive speech using keynote or any other app

  • Save your slideshow or video in .mov format on a usb memory stick

  • Test to make sure that the stick works on any smart tv with incorporated media player at home

  • Rent the large flat screen television for the wedding day


Beamers for outdoor use are dificult to rent, and very expensive and don't work very well outdoors.

So a large flat screen television is the best option.

The equipment is available until the Costa Blanca Events team leaves the wedding, usually, shortly after the dance party has begun.


This however, leaves enough time for the equipment to be used during the reception, or dinner.


The rental price must be paid in full at time of reservation, and is final. No refunds are allowed

Wishtree and cardbox


Vintage wish tree and cardbox

Giant Wish balloon


A wish balloon where all guests can write their wishes on.

For security reasons, thai wish balloons and fortune lampions with fire are prohibited, but we have an original alternative, a giant balloon with led light.

More info on the wish balloon page

Large flat screen tv to project a slide show or video


Rent of a large flat screen tv .

Bring your slideshow or video in .mov format on a usb memory stick in.

Surprise the wedding couple with an interactive speech - slideshow or video

We recommend to limit the duration to a maximum of 20 minutes.

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Rent of a tv or beamer for speeches, acts, etc