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Travelling with your wedding dress in carry on luggage is almost impossible, and even if you would be able to get the dress inside the suitcase, it probably won't arrive in perfect condition.


Sometimes the captain allows for the dress to be transported separatly in the cabin. It's a good idea to ask your airline about their policy on this matter. If they consent, ask them to confirm this by e-mail, so that on the day of departure there is no doubt about this.


Even with an e-mail at hand, the captain always has the last word, so we don't really recommend this option.


Some earlines ( e.g. Ryanair ) allow for you to buy an extra ticket, especially for a wedding dress, so can you keep your dress on the seat beside you.


So the most obvious solution appaears to be taking the dress with you as luggage.


Make sure the dress is perfectly packed, for example in a wedding dress travel box.

However, the best option is to send the dress 2-3 weeks before the wedding to your destination wedding planner.


Various express courier services can handle that for you, they're fast and usually better equipped to handle delicate packages.


Additionally, we advice to take an extra insurance, so that if anything goes wrong, the cost of the dress is refunded.


Sending it 2-3 weeks in advance, ensures that your wedding dress will arrive in time, and should something unexpectedly happen, gives you time for an emergency contingency.

10 frequently asked questions about weddings abroad


According to marketing research 2/3 of the wedding couples consider a destination wedding.


The information on the internet and on various forums is confusing, to say the least.


As a professional and experienced wedding planner on the Spanish Costa Blanca, I receive a lot of questions about weddings abroad.


On these pages I try to answer to these questions.

Travelling with your wedding dress...