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Upon arrival and departure you and your guests need transport between the airport and the accommodation. For more info, please have a look at our travelling to the Costa Blanca page.


Sometimes there's no need for other transport, for example when all guests are staying in accommodation which at the same time is your wedding venue.


In that case you may only require transport for a welcome dinner, or a day after excursion or activity.


In Spain, like in most other countries, drinking and driving is a very bad idea, and alcohol controls are very frequent.

Therefore, unless each car will have a driver who doesn't drink, using a rental car to come go to the various functions is a very bad idea.


So what are the options ?


Guest transport


Taxis are of course a flexible solution, but a taxi company is not waiting for your call, and it's not possible to pre-book taxis at a specific time.

So, you can order them only shortly before you need them, and then the waiting time depends on the availability at that time, and thus can cause a lot of stress. It is preferable then to choose a bus.


A bus has the advantage that everyone arrives at the same time at the destination.

Our partners are always very punctual, and that makes a bus transfer, during the wedding, a perfect solution for local transport.

They have 10, 12, 16, 24 and 54 seaters, and prices for buses are always on request.


During the night, we recommend to organise a shuttle bus service, which is booked, for example form 00:30 until 03:00 with departures each half hour.

Then guests know that there is a bus taking them back to their accommodation each half hour.

Fast and secure, your guests never have to wait long, and the cost is very affordable..


Have a look at the group transport section on our photo gallery website


Ceremonial transport


Even if no transport is required, it still looks spectacular when the bride, usually accompanied by her father, makes a grand entrance with an original ceremonial car, old timer, limousine, horse and carriage, etc...


Have a look at the ceremonial transport section on our photo gallery website

You can find all info, descriptions, photos and prices in Yoep-P, our online wedding planner system which makes it very easy and stress free to plan your dream wedding in Spain.

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